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At The Lateral Space, skilled consultants share their passion for guiding teams through an insightful and practical exploration of team behavior, driving for breakthrough. We share in-depth psycho-social and personality training to aid understanding of behavior; offer coaching, facilitation, organizational development experience, and continuous coaching supervision; and apply a variety of personality assessment tools – all with the goal of helping organisations ignite transformation in their top teams. The Lateral Space has a track record of proven impact with:

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Meet the collaborative individuals behind The Lateral Space.

Petros Oratis


A seasoned executive coach, C-suite team coach, and organization development consultant, Petros partners with leaders and teams in the midst of transformation, uncertainty, and leadership transition to build qualities and skills for success.

Warden Hoffman


Warden builds his collaborative approach to team effectiveness along two vectors: The outlook and behaviors of individuals including the team leader, and team members’ willingness to build a safe and energizing environment for exploration, expression of vulnerability and concerns, and shared values and experiences.

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