Warden Hoffman


Warden builds his collaborative approach to team effectiveness along two vectors: The outlook and behaviors of individuals including the team leader, and team members’ willingness to build a safe and energizing environment for exploration, expression of vulnerability and concerns, and shared values and experiences. He works with the individual, helping him or her reach their full potential in the role they take as part of a team. For example, asking: What behavioral roles do I take next to my official role? How is the leader anchored in the team?

He then also focuses on the team as a whole, helping a team take a higher ‘balcony’ view of internally created dynamics and the effect on team success. What is the effect of the organizational environment on how the team works together?

Warden combines an open and direct communication style with the ability to create a safe space where people can be candid and constructive. His knowledge of team dynamics triggers leaders and team members to explore, consider, and ultimately understand their potential for development. As a facilitator, he brings intuition, insightfulness, practicality, business acumen, and team spirit into the room.

Warden started his career with Unilever where he was a pioneer of self-managed factory-environment teams. He continued his career with Royal Philips as a Human Resources director for the Tech Startups division, and later as Philips Global Lead of the team effectives practice responsible for the development and implementation of a company-wide team effectiveness curriculum. For Philips, Warden also served as a facilitator for executive and key strategic team building programs where he worked closely with The Lateral Space co-founder, Petros.