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The Lateral Space.

Market conditions, organization structure, team composition, product deadlines, competition…. The ability for businesses to deal successfully with change comes down to organizational readiness.

Teams that stay ahead of their challenges, prepare themselves with the necessary skills and build supportive environments to weather times of crisis, change, and whatever the future brings. In short: They cultivate collaboration skills and work as a supportive unit.

Leaving behind the old notion of a fixed team structure with a formal hierarchy, today’s successful teams work in an open environment of exploration, foster and focus on mutual ambitions, and recognize their collective capabilities. Recognizing and fostering interdependencies among individuals and team dynamics is The Lateral Space.

Founded upon the belief that a collaborative team is a successful team.

The Lateral Space helps teams cultivate skills around open communication, mutual goal-setting, and recognition of each person’s contribution to success. Establishing working team laboratories, The Lateral Space helps teams explore the influence and effects of individual and team dynamics, and foster collaborative skills required for transformation and success.

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A space of collaboration set by our collective challenge. Where dynamic teaming co-exists with our formal authorities. Welcome to The Lateral Space.

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