Trails in Nature


With Einstein’s thought in mind that,

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”,

We learned over the years that taking teams from their everyday workspace into nature, not only physically broadens their perspective, but ignites new ideas and possibilities as well.
Our team trails into nature will have a great impact on team bonding and collaborative development while creating space for breakthrough thinking.
We offer mountain trails, taking you and your team to beautiful places and hidden spots.
​ During these trails, we will, on one hand, consciously be working on how the team operates as a whole, looking at the dynamics and behaviour of the group and coaching the group in action.
On the other hand, there is space for individuals to work and be coached on their leadership skills, to reflect on professional impact and grow in personal self-awareness.

How we help

We offer tailor-made Team Development Trails in the middle of the stunning Swiss Alps. Every team’s needs are different from many perspectives, that’s why, with every team engagement.

All our trails meet the highest safety standards and we always work with locally trained and certified guides.​We proudly partner with Mountful Hikes to create leadership trails in the stunning Swiss Alps.

What our customers have to say.

An open space for individuals to explore hopes, ambitions, fears and ​ concerns is vital for creating space for personal growth.”
“I, especially liked that the natural setting allowed us to work in a very ​ safe space and in the area of mindfulness. It was so refreshing in ​ a work performance culture.”
“It was well-balanced thinking at the very diverse team (also in terms ​of hiking experience). Really wonderful location, and great personal​ insights.”
Reach out to us if we have evoked your curiosity!