Who we are

Driven to help teams transform with a passion for collaboration.

The Lateral Space is a boutique consultancy with a focus on team and leadership development.
We are skilled consultants, passionate for guiding leaders through breakthroughs within themselves, their collaboration and their organizational leadership.

All our consultants have:

A solid business background
In-depth expertise in organizational dynamics and psycho-social approaches
An expertise in leadership development by exploring human behaviour in the business context
All with the goal of helping organizations ignite transformation in and through their top teams.

Our Story

Realizing our purpose

When working for many years in leadership roles in large corporate organizations, we experienced the challenges of collaboration, often under high pressure within complex structures. ​
Where, to be successful, you had to lead not only your team but especially your peers and allow them to lead you.
Negotiating different agendas, managing stakeholders and connecting outside the formal organizational structures: this is what we call Lateral Collaboration.
One of our key focal points is to help teams and individual leaders to understand and navigate through organizational dynamics. And make different choices, based on how these dynamics impact on their ability to collaborate and team up.

How we work towards our vision

Over the last years, we studied the challenges and the value of Lateral Collaboration. This resulted not only into a deeper understanding of the inevitable challenges of lateral leadership but also in a series of specific tools that help teams to overcome these challenges.
Simultaneously, a profound fascination with how human systems behave was developed in us, along with an admiration for human’s potential for learning and personal growth. We recognized the significance of comprehending one’s mindsets, how it is influenced by the human collective, as well as individual internal drivers and discerning its constructive or restrictive nature.
In every team development initiative, we integrate both focal points: Working with the systemic dynamics present in an organization and team, while coaching individual leaders to grow to their own full potential.

Our Team

Meet the individuals behind the mission of​ - The Lateral Space.

Petros Oratis

A seasoned executive coach, C-suite team coach, and organization development consultant, Petros partners with leaders and teams in the midst of transformation, uncertainty, and leadership transition to build qualities and skills for success.

Warden Hoffman


Experienced with helping many senior leadership teams in diverse cultures, Warden’s approach to team effectiveness builds on two vectors: the behavioural impact and growth potential of individual leaders and the team dynamics created by systemic forces. Aimed to build a safe and energizing environment for exploration and expression of vulnerability, concerns, shared values and experiences.

Our values and culture

At The Lateral Space, our core values and cultural beliefs are to:
Build capability within each individual,team, and organization
Provide an environment where candid exchange, curiosity, and exploration constructive
Respect and work within personal and organizational boundaries
Foster openness and honesty in the spirit of enabling personal, team, and organizational professional growth
Respect the power of nature while enjoying the beauty of our planet
Let’s collaborate to see how this program will help you develop your facilitator skills.